List of courses available to help you enjoy the open road to

freedom and new opportunities

New Drivers                     

Professionalpatient, and friendly tuition is given to new drivers who haven't driven before and to drivers who have a full licence but just require a refresher course maybe because because they haven't driven for a long period

Mortorway Lessons                   

Motorway lessons are available to full licence holders, many people have been driving for a number of years yet avoid motorways, these lessons will help them develop their key skills and help them gain the confidence they require to drive on this type of road. 

Pass Plus                     

Pass pluss courses are available, I would advise all young drivers to take this option after passing thier driving test, as this involves motorway, night time, and more hazardous driving conditions, this course is recognised by many insurance companies and can in many cases bring down the cost of your car insurance.

 Mobile :- 07511948282      Landline :- 01144381183

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